Version 1.21.7

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The following updates were made to the system recently:

  1. Landed cost price for products now accepts 4 decimal places
  2. New status added to sales orders page “Invoiced”
  3. New status added to sales orders export
  4. You can now add manual items to sales orders
  5. Quote reference is now calculated automatically when adding new quotes (can be overridden)
  6. Changed date formats from UK format to a more international format
  7. Various user interface improvements
  8. Changed header font to match the rest of the typography
  9. New “View related invoice” button on Sales Order details page

User Interface

This update includes quite a lot of user interface improvements, from rounding of buttons and labels to style improvements across the board.

Sales Orders

We are pleased to announce that you can now add manual items to sales orders. Up until now, you could only add products or services that you had in the system already.

We have also added a new status of “Invoiced” to your sales orders list page. As soon as you create an invoice from a sales order, it will say “Invoiced” on your list.

The old green “Shipped” tag has been changed to blank and the new “Invoiced” status is green.

Also, when you are viewing a Sales Order that you have created an invoice for, there is a new “View related invoice” button at the top right to match the “View related sales order” button on the invoice page.


When adding quotes, the “Quote Number” field is a little misleading. It’s not actually a number field and you can enter anything you like into it.

So, we’ve renamed the field “Quote Reference” and when you create a new quote, the system will generate a new reference for you. You can override it if you still want to add your own by simply typing over it.

Date Formats

Since our first release all those years ago, all dates have been in the UK format of dd/mm/yyyy. This is great if you live in the UK, but not so great for our international friends.

So with this update, we have changed the date format throughout the system to dd MM yy. So for today’s date, that would look like 12 Feb 21.

Now you can create fully bespoke orders for your customers!

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