Sales Order Management

sales order management

Order Management System – Managing your sales has never been easier. Xploite gives you the tools you need to manage your in-house sales efficiently and effectively.

With Xploite, you can add a sales order for a customer, add the products they are ordering and click the “Send Acknowledgement” link all from one central location.  This allows you to email an acknowledgement PDF containing the order details straight to the customer quickly and simply.

When you are ready to ship the order (after it has been picked and packed by your warehouse team), you have the ability to select which products will be on the delivery note (in the event you aren’t shipping everything at the same time) and then click the “Print Delivery Note” button so that you can send a clear and up-to-date note to send out with your order.

Xploite gives you the ability to keep the order up-to-date by updating the order status at any time, from the moment the order is placed to when the order has been fulfilled – and beyond.  With this information, you can keep your customers up to date and also ensure that you are fulfilling your orders correctly and in a timely manner.