What Does Purchase Order Management Entail?

example purchase order
Example of a purchase order

A purchase order (PO) is a document that is issued by a company to a supplier that explicitly communicates their intention to purchase goods or services from them.

Using purchase orders helps a company to streamline their purchasing process into a standard procedure.

Although purchase orders don’t usually contain any contract or contract language, the purchase order is in fact a contract in itself. A purchase order is a guarantee that company A will purchase the goods or services from company B at the stated price and quantity.

The seller is protected by the PO in case the buyer refuses to pay for whatever reason.

Our Purchase Order System Is For Businesses Of All Sizes!

Managing your purchase orders in Xploite is this easy:

Step 1 – Create a purchase order for the supplier

Go to your main purchase orders page and click on the “Add Purchase Order” button.

Select the supplier you are ordering from and enter the dates and currency then click on the “Add Products” button.

Step 2 – Add products

Build your purchase order by adding each product you are ordering from the supplier, along with the price and qualtities.

Step 3 – Click the “Send Order” link

The system will email the supplier with a link so they can acknowledge the order and add any comments if applicable.

Booking In Stock

When you receive the goods, select which warehouse to book them into and all stock is updated automatically.

Throughout the purchasing process you can keep the purchase order up-to-date by updating the order status at any time.

Also if you use Xero™ for your accounting (and we highly recommend you do) you can post purchase orders directly to keep your accounts up-to-date.

Integrate Our PO Tracking Software Into Your Business!

Integrating Xploite into your business is as easy as registering for a free trial account.

You will have unrestricted access to test the system for a full 30 days. No payment details are taken and you are under no obligation to continue when your trial ends.

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