Here are some of the features of Xploite:

Manage your customers more efficiently with all information relating to each customer in one place.

Add notes, emails and documents keeping all staff members up-to-date when viewing a customer.

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Keep control of your products across multiple warehouses. Always know what you have in stock and what you have on order at any time.

Add price lists in multiple currencies with discount tiers.

Upload multiple data sheets and product images per product.

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Keep track of potential sales opportunities from initial quote to final sale.

Create quotes at the click of a button to email straight to the customer.

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Keep track of sales orders and print delivery notes at the click of a button.

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Create invoices from sales orders and post to Xero™ to keep your company accounts up-to-date.

Take credit and debit card payments from customers directly into your Stripe™ account.

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Keep track of purchase orders and print/email your Purchase Order to the supplier at the click of a button.

Your supplier can then click a link in the email to acknowledge the purchase order and add any comments if need be.

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