Our "Latest Updates" tab explained

In our latest Xploite blog we are looking at how we can help your organisation keep all of your staff up to date. 

"Latest updates" are basically a way for all staff members to see what is going on at any given time. This really helps the whole team to see the bigger picture and also creates a sense of team engagement.On your dashboard (see our

On your dashboard (see our blog on the dashboard) there is a "Latest Updates” tab. When clicked the system shows the last 100 things that have happened across all your businesses (if you use the system to manage more than one business). It really is that simple.


The key elements in the dashboard tab include:

  1. Latest additions, including organisations or individual person
  2. Document uploads
  3. Purchase or sales orders
  4. All tasks created
  5. That all-important email trail
  6. Any deletions to any of the above

The Xploite CRM system not only holds this vital information for you, it also stores all of the information such as who did it, when it was done and a link to the individual items.

Also, when you view an organisation or person, Xploite CRM shows all of the latest updates for that organisation or person, which are listed on the page so you can easily see who is working on each record at any given moment.

Xploite CRM – making work simpler!