A Look Into the Future: The Top CRM Trends

top crm trends 

CRM (customer relationship management) is an important aspect of every business.

CRM trends continue to change and grow at a rapid rate. It's critical to stay on top of these trends in order to maximize your business potential, whatever its size.

Take a look at these top CRM trends for 2017, and then start implementing them in your business practices today.

1. CRM will move from general to contextual

Customer relationship management is all about getting and keeping customers. Both are difficult for different reasons.

In our age of technology and media stimulation, customers are getting better at tuning out ads and other marketing attempts as they move through their day.

CRM is starting to take on contextual campaigns. This means that customers will experience ads and marketing that are more specific to certain segments of the population. Customers will feel that they are hearing a certain ad or getting a specific response at the right time, and will be less likely to tune it out.

2. Social media is a growing channel.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have entered the general marketing scene dramatically in the past few years, especially now.

CRM has yet to really take charge of the social scene in this respect, but it is about to do so.

Social media can provide one of the best ways to manage customer relationships, as it is a tool used by an extremely large portion of the global population.

3. CRM will utilize multiple platforms and channels to target customers.

Building off of the two previous trends, one of the emerging CRM trends of 2017 is the use of many different platforms and channels to get customers' attention.

Many consumers use a variety of different devices and media platforms to engage with the world personally and professionally.

Mobile CRM will take front and center in this respect, and CRM campaigns will have to go multichannel in order to be competitive. 

4. Predictive Analytics (PA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dominate.

Our world is filled with data. It can be difficult to wade through this data as a business or marketer, which is why relying on non-human assistance may be the way to go.

AI technology will become essential to streamlining CRM campaigns and working with the fact that CRM is becoming increasingly automated. Customers prefer to do a lot of their work and commerce online, and CRM will continue to meet that preference.

Predictive analytics (PA) pays attention to customers' behavioral trends. By studying customer response time and interaction, PA can anticipate a customer's next move and desires, and respond accordingly.

CRM will take full advantage of both PA and AI this year and in the immediate future.

5. CRM is moving outside of reality as we know it!

Virtual reality and augmented reality continue to be explored by consumers and businesses.

While they are still taking form and working through roadblocks, these enhanced realities indicate technologies that are paving the way for the future of CRM.

CRM will start to take on these technologies, which are the most promising in terms of customer engagement and management.

Start Implementing These CRM Trends Today

Online CRM features can help your business thrive and maximize customer engagement. 

Keeping tabs on the top CRM trends of the year will enable you to make the most of these features and experience tangible results in your business model.