Introduction to your dashboard

This week is export week! A busy time for manufacturers all over the UK and a week that is packed full of opportunities for all. Capturing and monitoring your business opportunities is a vital part of keeping your sales pipeline moving and our Dashboard feature really can help.

When thinking about a dashboard we feel it is really important to give you just the right amount of information to drive your business forward.

The Xploite dashboard is not packed full of flashing buttons, indicators and alerts that could distract you from your activity – it is set out to give you just the right information, in a clear display right where you need it.

When you login to Xploite CRM you are automatically taken to your dashboard.

The key sections to the dashboard as listed below:

Dials – Our dials show the following live information

  1. Revenue – This shows your current revenue, including invoices that you have raised
  2. Gross margin – Showing your current margin percentage of sales vs. purchases
  3. Contribution – This shows your current contribution, i.e. sales less purchase and shipping costs etc.
  4. Opportunities – This shows how many opportunities you currently have in the pipeline

Cashflow graph – An easy to interpret monthly graph of your cashflow

Tasks – Showing you the things you need to do

Transaction summary – This shows your;

  1. Open sales
  2. Late sales
  3. Open purchases
  4. Late purchases
  5. Open opportunities
  6. Low stock alerts

Opportunity pipeline – this shows a funnel of your open opportunities at each stage in the pipeline – really handy for getting a snapshot of your sales performance

Recent opportunities – Showing you the latest opportunities for your business

Latest updates tab

This tab lists the latest activity from all your staff members giving you opportunity to keep fully up to date.

Reports Tab

This tab shows the following standard reports. These reports really help you to see where your business is and what you need to do to hit your key objectives.

  1. Top opportunities – making sure you assign priorities to your best opportunities
  2. Sales totals by month for the current year
  3. Current stock value by supplier
  4. Opportunities by region
  5. Contribution by region

My Control Centre Tab

This tab allows you to see all of your businesses in one place – a brilliant feature for people owning more than one company.

As you can see from the information above – our Dashboard really is an essential tool that is designed to help you grow your business and to save you time!