What Does It Mean to be a Customer Relationship Manager in 2017?

what is a customer relationship manager? 

All businesses today say the customer relationship is important.

But the vast majority of us fall short of meeting customer experience expectations. According to a Walker Consulting Firm Study, by 2020, customer experience is poised to become the #1 brand differentiator

Also, remember that customer experience is 100X more complicated than in years past. Connecting with customer across multiple channels, the social media reach of unhappy customers, the complexity of the actual goods and services you offer...it's a lot!

What could go wrong? Today more than ever, having the customer relationship manager in place is vital to a company's ability to compete. 

Let's explore what this role means today.   

The Goals Of a CRM

The ultimate goal of a customer relationship manager is to improve the overall relationship that a business has with its customers. 

A business commonly measures the success of this goal through:

  • Customer retention rates
  • CLV (customer lifetime value) 
  • Increased quarterly sales
  • Various loyalty measures
  • Referrals
  • Customer reviews

These measures define the health of the customer relationship. This goal hasn't really changed, although customer expectations have changed dramatically.

42% of customer expect a response to social messaging within 1 hour.

76% of people have stopped doing business with a brand after 1 bad experience.

The Roles of a CRM

To accomplish goals, the customer relationship manager assumes several roles:  They must plan and execute customer retention and loyalty strategies. They need to develop a CR infrastructure that can be executed seamlessly by the team. They'll also need to map the customer journey and understand where the touch points are and how to use them. 

A CRM Must also:

  1. Maximize opportunities
  2. Manage risk
  3. Collaborate with other departments
  4. Oversee customer communications
  5. Adjust strategies to achieve goals
  6. Develop an intimate knowledge of what customers want.

Today, a CRM must be everywhere at once, monitoring and managing the relationships across channels.

The manager is both maintaining existing initiatives and blazing new trails, which takes incredible focus, time,energy and leadership. In a world where execution must be flawless, there's no room for error, no time for delayed response and not enough time in the day to manage the many moving pieces. 

The Tools of a CRM

Fortunately, Customer Relationship Management Software helps a CRM be virtually "everywhere at once". 

Understanding this tool is an important part of comprehending what it means to be a CRM today.

An effective customer relationship management system:

  • Stores all customer contact information
  • Tracks customer touch points
  • Shows a complete history of customer interactions
  • Follows social media mentions
  • Keep the experience cohesive.

 They also help you analyze using  reports, and respond to customer trends through streamlined communications systems.

What Does it Mean to Be a Customer Relationship Manager Now?

Customer expectations have soared. Fortunately, we have the customer relationship technology to help you meet those demands. 

For more information on how our cloud-based customer relationship management systems can help you meet expectations in 2017 and beyond, sign up for a free 30 day trial.

We're the customer relationship managers behind your relationship management success. Let's get started working together today!