An introduction to Organisations

Welcome to another of Xploite CRM’s blogs. This week we are focussing on another of our key features within our cloud-based customer relationship management software – organisations.

Organisations are basically all the companies that you deal with whether in a supplier or customer capacity.

The "view organisation” page has various sections designed to help make your work experience simpler and more efficient:

Main details – this section lists the details of the organisation including name, addresses, payment terms etc. A useful feature is that you can add multiple addresses per organisation and categorise them as "Head office”, "Shipping” and "Billing” etc.

Another really innovative feature we have created for you is when you add an address a handy Google map is created instantly!

Key sections within ‘Organisation’ include:

  1. People – this can be any person who works for the specific organisation you are looking at
  2. Documents – any documents that you have uploaded to the organisation (including email attachments)
  3. Opportunities – all opportunities 
  4. Correspondence – when you send an email to someone and copy it into the system, it will be listed under this tab
  5. Sales orders
  6. Purchase orders (if a supplier)
  7. Invoices
  8. Control centre – this is where you set up the control centre fields such as who is responsible for this organisation and any notes/updates etc.

In summary the Organisations tab is a vital source of information that is easy to use and packed with really helpful features.

Why not take advantage of our free trial period and see how Xploite CRM can help your organisation to grow and prosper?