Version 1.17.0

27 October 2016

The following updates have been made recently:

  1. New field added to product kits - "notes"
  2. You can now set the person responsible for opportunities at individual opportunity level
  3. You can now set the priority for opportunities at individual opportunity level

Version 1.16.7 17/10/2016

  1. New field added to opportunities - "last contacted date"
  2. New field added to opportunities - "next contact date"
  3. You can now add tasks to opportunities
  4. You can now enter a different address to ship purchase orders to
  5. Icons added to task calendar events so you can see the status of each task

Introducing quotes and document templates

04 November 2015
We have recently added a new section called "Quotes". Quotes are available for companies on the "Business" package and above.

To create a quote, simply click on the "Quotes" link and then click the "Add Quote" button. Complete the form and then click on the "Add Items" button.

You can add the following to quotes:

  1. Products
  2. Product Kits

When adding product kits you have two options:

  1. Add the kit on its own; This adds the kit as a line item on the quote
  2. Add the kit and associated products; This adds the kit as a line item but also all of the kits associated products are added as line items

 You can download a quote in Microsoft Word or PDF format by clicking on the relevant button.

Document Templates

We have also recently added the capability for you to be able to edit the templates that the system uses. You can currently edit the following templates:

  2. Sales Orders
  3. Delivery Notes
  4. Purchase Orders
  5. Invoices
  6. Price Lists

Please see our knowledge base article on how you go about editing these templates.

Xero partner network

30 July 2015

We are pleased to have been accepted into the Xero Partner Network. See our listing on the Xero website.

Read our Xero Integration page for more information.

Xero Integration

22 May 2015
We have recently extended our Xero™ integration to include Purchase Orders.

You can now post a purchase order into Xero™ as a payable invoice in the same way as you can post sales invoices.

To enable this, first you must go to "Setup > Xero" and update your "Purchase Account Code". Once that is saved you can view a purchase order and you will see a new link "Post to Xero".

As per sales invoices, the invoice posted into Xero will have a status of "draft". To make this a "proper" invoice, login to Xero and approve it.

Version 1.3.1

21 May 2015
We have made some changes recently including the following:

Table Searching

You can now search within a table, as well as sorting the columns. There is a new search bar above the table. Simply start entering text in the search field and the table will dynamically change to suit your search terms.

Plugin Updates

We have upgraded various plugins used "behind the scenes".



Custom price lists

08 August 2014

Well now you can!

To give a certain organisation a custom price list, view the organisation in question and click on the new tab on the right.

Click on the "+ Add Custom Price" button and select the product and enter a price.

To print the custom price list, click on the print icon.

When you next create a sales order for this organisation, the custom price list will be used instead of your default sales prices.

An introduction to credit notes

07 August 2014
Most companies that sell goods will at some point have to deal with returns.

When a product is returned you can issue a credit note for the customer with a few clicks of your mouse.

  1. View the sales order in question
  2. Click on the "return items" link
  3. Enter the amount returned next to the product(s) in question
  4. Click the submit button

By default the "Create credit note" check-box is checked. Leaving this checked will create a corresponding credit note for the customer.


You can email the credit note to the customer the same way as you send quotes and invoices.

You can also send the credit note to Xero

An introduction to the customer support portal

17 July 2014
If you are on the Enterprise package, we have just released a new section called "Customer Portal".

What this means is that you can direct your customers to your unique customer portal where you can display knowledge base articles and allow them to open support tickets.

This allows you to manage one more area of your business (customer service) inside the system saving you having to manage it elsewhere.

To start off you need to choose your portal address. Go to "Setup > Company Details" and click on the edit icon next to the business you want to update.

In the portal address field enter your desired address. This will form the URL of your portal, for example

Click on the save button and you are all set. Browse to your portal address to see what it looks like.

To add knowledge base categories go to "Customer Support > Knowledge Base Categories" and add some. Then go to "Knowledge Base Articles" and add some.

You can add images and links to files in your articles but first uploading them in the "Documents" section. Then, in the editor click on the image icon and select your uploaded image.


When a customer completes the new ticket form on your portal it will appear in the "Customer Support > Tickets" section. Click on the ticket number to view it. Click on the "Add Update" button to reply to the ticket and notify the customer.

You can add a manual ticket by clicking on the "Add Ticket" button on the tickets page.

We hope you'll find this helps you to manage another area of your business with ease!

Introducing custom fields

30 June 2014
Last week we released a new feature that enables you to store additional information against Organisations and People.

Let's say you want to store a person's birthday. First go to "Setup > Custom Fields" and click on the "Add Custom Field" button.

Enter "Birthday" in the title field and select "Date" as the field type.

Click the "For People" checkbox and then click the "Add Custom Field" button.

Now, head over to a person and you will see a new button titled "+ Custom Field". Click on it and select "Birthday" and enter the date in the field then click on the save button.


Every time you view this person you will see their birthday displayed.

To view all the people who you have added a birthday for, go back to "Setup > Custom Fields" and click on the birthday one. Then click on the "People" tab.

Version 1.1.6

16 June 2014

Introducing Staff Holidays

A new feature has been added in this release - staff holidays.

You can assign your staff their yearly holiday entitlement and manage it through a new calendar. Staff can then book holidays via the calendar and their remaining entitlement is shown.

Holiday requests can only be approved by administrators.

New Exports

You can now export sales and purchase orders directly from the view sales/purchase orders page.

Job Titles

There is now a fixed drop-down list that you can assign to people. The following options are available:

  • Owner/MD
  • Buyer
  • Product/Project Manager
  • Accounts Payable Manager
  • Other

You can enter a free-text job title if it is not listed above.