Online Customer Management System

build better relationships with your customers

Manage as many companies and customers as you need. You can add multiple customers to organisations and set who the main contact is for sales and purchase orders.

Attach notes and emails for everyone to see keeping all staff members up-to-date with the status of a customer at any point in time.

All data pertaining to a customer is stored in their customer record keeping all date in the one place.

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customer and contact management

Add unlimited products including multiple images and file uploads. Assign products to warehouses for automatic stock control.

Easily download your product list from Xero™ at the click of a button.

You can even create bespoke price lists for certain customers as well as discount tiers!

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product management

Creating sales orders and purchase orders is a breeze with Xploite. Send your sales orders directly to your customer and they can acknowledge it online.

Need to print a delivery note for a sales order? Not a problem...

Create an invoice from a sales order and post to Xero™ at the click of a button.

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order management

Keep track of potential sales opportunities and view them in the sales funnel on your dashboard.

Xploite works with multiple currencies and calculates currency conversions for you.

Create quotes from opportunities that can be emailed straight to the customer.

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opportunity management

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Responsive Design

Xploite is accessible on any modern internet enabled device.

The system adapts to your device size automatically.

All you need is an internet connection to manage your system on the go.

As a small but rapidly expanding business it was important for us to establish ONE very efficient business platform that would enable us to manage as many aspects of our business through just one platform that was switched on and used all day and every day like email.

Kieron Malloy, GTT Europe Limited

A truly fantastic product!!!!! We have moved our entire business operation to Xploite over the past 4 weeks. It was not only seamless but the benefits we have seen have been immense. We manage the whole CRM process from enquiry through to sales orders and final product shipment through this system.

Andy Bird, Dropout Europe Limited

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

Customer relationship management is a process that allows you to manage the relationship between yourselves and your customers (including potential new customers).

Basically it's the idea that if you treat your customers properly, they will stay customers of yours for a lot longer.

Any decent online CRM system will have the following features to help manage your customers more easily:

This allows you to hold all of the relevant information about your customer such as their contact details and who is the main person (or people) that you deal with at that company. Find out more about customer management.

This allows you to store all of the information about your products (if applicable), for example, images, datasheets, prices and stock levels. Find out more about product management.

This allows you to track opportunities with current and new customers and it allows you to manage unpredictable growth and demand. Find out more about opportunity management.

This allows you to manage your customer sales orders which ties in with product management for stock levels and re-ordering. Find out more about sales order management.

This allows you to invoice your customers and includes online payments and downloadable and emailable PDF invoices. Find out more about invoice management.

This allows you to keep track of what you have ordered from your suppliers and ties into product management for booking in stock into multiple warehouses. Find out more about purchase order management.

Xploite is securely hosted in the cloud, but what does that actually mean? In layman's terms, hosted in the cloud simply means that the service is a web-based service that you log into to manage all of your CRM data.

The benefits of an online system is that you let us take care of all the updates and backups and everything else involved. It's not like old fashioned software that you have to physically intall on your computer. With Xploite, there is nothing to install.

All you need is a modern web-browser and an internet connection.

cloud based crm solution
crm and customer service

It's not just you that will see the benefits when using a decent CRM system. Your customers will be impressed that you can effectively deal with their questions and orders in a timely manor.

With Xploite, you can also give them their own login so they can see their past orders and invoices and even custom price lists if you have set them up.

According to Wikipedia , research has found a 5% increase in customer retention can boost your lifetime customer profit by 50% across multiple industries, and by as much as 90% in specific industries such as insurance.

Please don't just take our word for it, register now for a free trial and see how Xploite can change the way you do business, for the better.